Monday, September 25, 2017

Dear Supporters,

We’ve reached a major milestone! Our 40th anniversary is here! In the last four decades, we have transformed the lives of so many women, men, children, and families in partnership with our community. The work of C4DP is an inspiration in our community and beyond. But today we want to thank you, our community of supporters, who are OUR inspiration. 

Leading up to this milestone year, we have expanded and beautified our emergency shelter facility. We went from a 16-bed shelter, which helped some 250 women and children a year, to a 30-bed, newly upgraded and ADA compliant shelter, adding almost 50% more bed space. At the heart and soul of these upgrades was an overwhelming level of community support that made this dream a reality. Our shelter is truly “a house that love built.” Thanks to the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael, Marin Rotary Clubs, Bothin Foundation, Peter E. Haas Jr. Family Fund, Marin Community Foundation, an additional 51 individual and community donors, and a state capital loan grant, our newly refurbished shelter has never looked better.  (Complete list of donors on sidebar) 

In C4DP’s long history of operation, and as evident by the recent shelter campaign, House That Love Built, we continue to be blessed in so many ways with your generosity.  

As you read this edition of PeaceWatch, we ask you to be mindful of the level of community effort that has been necessary to create C4DP’s successes. There is no greater truth from our point of view than it takes a village to end violence.  For all the ways you have been that village, we are grateful.     

Please join us on October 21, 2017 at the Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael, as we gather together over great food, live music, and dancing to celebrate these past 40 years of transforming lives! Visit for tickets and information. 
We thank you, wish you peace, and hope to see you on October 21!  

Natasha Singh and Kim Tsuchimoto

C4DP Board Co-Chairs


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