Thursday, September 29, 2016

This Isn't Complicated. It's Just Not Easy: Talking to Your Teens About Sex

Join Center for Domestic Peace in creating social change by breaking the barrier of everything you wanted to know about girls and sex, but were afraid to ask.

Specialized Training for Parents
and Concerned Adults

Date & Time: 7:00-9:00 PM - October 11 & 18
Location: Center for Domestic Peace, 734 A Street, San Rafael
Cost: $45 per workshop
Visit: to register

Center for Domestic Peace is pleased to offer two different trainings to parents and concerned adults to deepen the understanding about the new landscape in which teens are navigating sex and intimacy, and to help attendees learn concrete ways to talk to teens about these issues.

These trainings will:
1. Help you understand where kids are actually getting their sex education and how that
    education may be impacting them.

2. Provide you with tools to best support your teen and communicate with her/him about 

     sex and intimacy.

3. Offer you an opportunity to create connections and build community with other    

     concerned parents and adults. 

October 11: Can We Talk? Navigating Parent/Teen Dynamics
Join us in a lively discussion focusing on what teens in the Bay Area are doing, what they want, what they need, and how, specifically, our role fits into that reality. Concerned adults will leave with a clearer understanding of what their teen is experiencing and strategies to best support them in a way that helps them make more decisions that end in honor and joy
rather than regret, guilt, or shame. Come with tough questions and get real and hopeful answers. 

Workshop led by Charis Denison, whose work is currently featured in the last chapter of Peggy Orenstein’s latest book, Girls and Sex: Navigating the New Landscape.

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October 18: An Unsexy Truth: Where Porn Culture is Meeting Children
In the absence of meaningful and ongoing education about sex, intimacy, ethics, and decision making for kids, the porn industry has become the new and most readily accessible sex-ed teacher for kids everywhere. Please join us in a sobering yet much needed discussion
about the effects of porn culture on tweens and teens and what we can do to help them develop the tools they need to protect/honor themselves and each other.
Workshop led by Natasha Singh, who is a sexual literacy educator and youth advocate.
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